Free Without Pain
The World is not what it appears to be.....................................

My words may seem to be of a nonconformist attitude, but
align with Eastern Philosophy thought.  They are harsh at
times in relationship to modern day theory's and religious
If there is a problem that is troubling you, no one can help
you but yourself, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual.  
You have to believe and love yourself, especially your inner
nature for it looks and craves your love.   It comes  from area
that is difficult to accept, for it is you, yourself.
Above is Richard and Mandi on their wedding day
February 14, 2005, Valentines Day

When I met Mandi roughly five years ago in
Cleveland, Ohio.  I told her I could not make her
happy, nor could she make me happy.    Happiness
comes from within, no where else.................................
I make a lot of claims on my spiritual path and their hard to
prove,  It is really up to you to prove my thoughts  if your willing
to listen.   It is possible that it could save you a lot of pain,
knowing what is happening.

Acknowledgement become come a critical step in the game of
life that we play  with our own minds.    

Whether it is a donation or an agreement in our actions,  
Acknowledging our view and perception, actually creates a
new life for ourselves.
Freud's thoughts believed in payment as a means to a cure.
The Historical Buddha was no different, a monetary transaction was needed as a form of