After Death Experience

I was seventeen, when death attracted my attention and became real to me.  On a sunny crisp fall day, with leaves being masked with color and apples falling from the nearby trees,
leaving a scent in the air. I was checking the transmission on the family car one Saturday morning.  When I was underneath only for a few minutes when it slipped off the jacks that
were supporting it and it fell on me, as the two tons of steel came crashing down, it attempted to push me through the concrete and the dirt. There was only a split second did I feel
any pain, pinned under the car I became unconscious, while I laid there surrounded by the steel framework of my executioner, I fell toward a white light.   A light beyond description,
brighter than the brightest star,
If I were awake, blindness would be my just reward.   The rays of the light were warm and inviting, they showered me with comfort and peace putting in position without fear,  I
cascaded into oblivion, as I became a part of the death process.  
The tranquility of the mind becomes a treasure without thought or question.   The presence of God was over whelming.   
As I, fell toward the tunnel that was emitting all the light.   I could hear out in the distance, but still very close a voice, where ever it came from, I had no idea  “it’s not time yet, you have
to leave.”
The pain and the longing was a part of myself that becomes a monster of necessity; as if it were an echo that emanated from the subconscious without effort I returned to a world of
I grew up as a Catholic, and it appeared to have no bearing on the probability of spiritual existence, other than the relinquishment of authority in a practical sense.   My education did
not even come close to the reality of death beyond condemnation, hell and punishment is a just reward for not knowing, for what else is there.
( A Blessing, Shakti meaning force or energy, Hindu concept or personification of God's female aspect)

It was a warm day for the last week of February in Ohio, high 70’s.   It was the middle of the morning, and I was in my van en route to a customer. When I noticed as if it were
small bombs “boom, boom” going off in my chest in rhythm followed by an explosion of heat, my mind scrambled to call for help, as if I anticipated to be tossed in the air again.   
For it was only six months back when I passed out on the motorcycle.  I cleared my mind and settled down; following the heat, came a cold shiver that sent vibrations up and
down my spine.  At the same time a tingling sensation began throughout my body.   With goose bumps forming on my skin, I started to feel a very pleasant mood overcome my
body, almost sexual.   The episode lasted well over a minute and I was still in control of the van, physically I felt fine.
My mind scrambled for thoughts of what had happened, and what was the reason.   The only thing that entered my mind was Cindy; I avoided calling her through the past weeks
because it was too painful to talk to her.   In this case, I knew it was Cindy and I had to find out.   
I got off at the next exit and stop at the first phone I could find.   I called her at work, she didn’t answer and her voice mail pick up the call, and I left the message, “it is quarter to
ten, what were you doing five minutes ago?”
I was at the customer’s house for about forty minutes and started to return home.   I was a few minutes from my house exiting the interstate on a long ramp, which had a long
sweeping turn.   All of a sudden the occurrences from an hour earlier began to repeat themselves.   The heat, the cold shivers, goose bumps, and the sensuality returned.   Only
much more intense, so strong were the feelings that I started to tremble making it extremely difficult to steer through the turn.   Fear engulfed my mind as I tried to control the
truck; fortunately I made it through the turn without incident, and was close to my place.
When I got home there weren’t any messages, and I had a number of things to do in the afternoon.   The rest of the day went by quietly and uneventful as compared to the
The afternoon progressed slowly, as I question my thoughts and my feelings of the morning.   I knew I was sensitive because of our and my past history.   On numerous
occasions, I was aware of my surroundings in a supernormal way.
Once, while I was a Vocational Teacher, the school where I taught at had a fire bell dismissal for a teachers meeting.   My Print shop was in the basement, and as I started down
the steps towards my classroom.   I noticed the lights were turned off in the hallway.   I proceeded to walk in the darkness, but I hesitated for a second.   I sensed someone was
in the darkened hallway.   I thought and quickly realized, who ever it was could only be hiding in the alcove of the entrance to my class.   Cautiously, I approached the doorway
and without saying a word.   I reached into the darkness and with my out stretched arm grabbed a student by his shirt.   I asked him what he was doing there he gave no
answer.   I reached in again and was surprised to find his girlfriend.
I never question my sensitivity; I thought it to a part of life, which everyone has on occasion.
That evening I met Richard and I mention to him what had happen earlier in the morning to me.   I was positive that Cindy was involved, I couldn’t be certain until I got in touch
with her.   Whether or not she was involved in this latent message that had occurred earlier in the morning to me was the most rewarding feeling that I ever felt.
I was fortunate that Richard had a degree in Psychology.   After I broke up with Cindy this past time, I started to rely on his logic and understanding.
It has been nine years since Charlotte’s death, and it has taken me that long to look for help.   I knew, even though I felt I was laid back and open minded, a chauvinistic macho
attitude attributed to my blindness, where help was concerned.
It was after ten when I got home, and Cindy left a short message, asking me what I was doing quarter to eleven.   Since she gets up early in the morning, I suspected she would
have been in bed already.    I decided not to call her till the following morning.
It was troublesome to sleep during the night; my mind was clouded by a dark and tormented past.   Even physically my mind and body had difficulty coping without a life that I
knew and loved.   Through out the years when we broke up, there was that hidden yearning as if I was being called within my subconscious; it was a drive so strange and
bewildering.   To love is one thing, but to return and know you are not going to be happy, it becomes a quest for pain.
The next morning I got in touch with her where she worked.   She explained that she took the day off to catch up on some housework.   She was cleaning the house and started
washing the floor.   When I came into her mind, she recalled how nice it was when we made love together, it was different.   She always felt that there was something deeper, as
if a spiritual bond was trying to bring us together.
She got done with the floor and called the office to check her voice mail.   The message I left surprised and startled her, and she decided to test my abilities in sensitivity.   She
knew I was strange in some respects and referred to me as being deep.
She went into the bedroom, and as she lay with me in a sexual fantasy of days past.   She brought forth a mental ecstasy, not only within herself of physical pleasure, sending a
latent form of energy from the center of her heart, a spiritually pure love for me; a force without knowledge and hidden with meaning; beyond the concept of acceptance of love
through mankind.
It was quarter to eleven when she checked the time; exactly the same time I had the second bout of unexplained physical trauma on the Interstate.
I was amazed and astonished, being surprised was out of the picture.   She couldn’t comprehend the significance of her test.   Even with my limited knowledge that I had of
telepathic communication.   I knew that when you put it to a test, it usually fails or the strength diminishes in quality, and becomes barely receivable.   In this case it became
stronger, and also not only did it affect the mind, but the body as well.   Way beyond any feelings I had in the past when I was confronted with possibly spiritual or supernatural
(Kundalini Princess is also referred to Shakti as the dormant force that lays at your feet or the base of the spine)

It was quite common for my own body to tell me to meditate.   For many weeks, I started to believe I was possessed.    I went to bed late one night it was after twelve o’clock
midnight.  For the next two hours, every time I fell asleep, that part of myself possibly my soul would wake me up, with a cold shivering vibration down my spine.   I started to get
upset and annoyed with the constant rude awaking, I finally took his suggestion and started to meditate.
I was in the session about ten minutes when I heard my little dog Sadie walk over to the edge of the bed and beg to be allowed up on it.   I told her no, to wait a little while, but as
I was talking to her, I noticed my feet start to move.   I have a water-bed and I was about to scold her for jumping up on the bed without permission.   That is when I heard her
toenails clicking on the hardwood floors as she went back to the couch where she was sleeping.
For the first time in my adult life, fear engulfed my mind.   My eyelids became frozen shut as if they were paralyzed for while. I was reluctant to find out whom or what was causing
my feet to move.  
A minute passed when I finally opened my eyes to see nothing there.   My feet continued to move, and within a brief second the electrifying effect of what felt like thousands of
volts of Electricity rushed through my body.   To consume my flesh with the flames of Kundalini’s Fire.   
I was shocked into the area of the mind that very few people are familiar with.   Arousing the fire of Princesses Kundalini’s began a process of opening the door of divine
intervention.    It was without a doubt I moved into a realm, so far in the distance of ambiguity I was by myself.  That evening brought me closer and closer to a goal that I couldn’t
even see.
Cosmic Consciousness

It was a typical wintry day for Cleveland as New Years Day morning came, with an overcast horizon as the sun tries to brighten the passing night’s darkness.   I lay with thought
picturing the events that have taken place through the past year.   The sun began to peak through the cragginess of the melancholy grayness that encircles my vision; a beam of
warm light lands upon my partially awakened face bringing joy to the vision of the past; coaxing life back into my aging body as I lay in the comfort of the bed.   Within a few
minutes the rays build to a monumental rush of energy, expounding through my closed eyelids, with a gentle expansion of brilliant illumination.
I became hesitant to view the world in all its glory as it begins to proliferate before me.   My eyelids were welded shut with fear of blindness, as I tried to muster all my strength to
pry my flesh apart.
After some thought and an accumulation of courage, I could see the room darkened, as the light streamed in silhouetting all obstacles in its path.   My strength was building, as
I felt compelled to focus my sight at the sun in all its brilliancy.   My fear was removed when I noticed, a black dot that formed a shield, was placed over the sun’s heart,
protecting my fragile eyes from decaying with thought.
The skies parted allowing all the majestic stars to peak forward in all their beauty, surrounding a Divine attribute in all its glory.
Without description the clouds separated and formed a parallel background of pink, enhancing them selves as a bold staircase rising into the heavenly riches.
If I could reach out and ask for death to be within and so dear.   Pain has lost its fear and can be no more; a casual embrace has marked my soul with eternity’s mark.   I have
met my hearts love, and I am a servant of it's needs.
The morning has brought a flicker beyond luminous proportions, expectations without existence, a value without compromise.
As I enter the world of Cosmic Consciousness my mind is still adrift on the Sea of Tranquility.   The Universe is within reach as I extend my palm to be a part of the absolute.   
Without cause I vanish amongst the darkness.  
The light of the morning had brought a new era to my thinking.   Cosmic Consciousness was not new to my travels; I was only brought into the traditional concept as the skies
rent asunder to provide a background of cooperation with thought.   My education is to fill all the precepts of indoctrination, which may have divine influences.   I was aware of its
attainment in Buddhism and Yoga, with glimpse of its energy in Hinduism.   Expectations are not what become of me, for they are never within the concept I envision.   The lack
of not historical knowledge, but Gnostic thought.   An input of cohesion al instruction would be beneficial; basically, I am in the darkness of evolutionary thought.

Free Without Pain
Even though some of th terms are in Sanskrit or Hindu the meanings are similar in World Religions.  
Whether it is the Holy Spirit or the Kundalini Princess or possibly Jesus, the energy is within.   We are  connected one way or another.
Below within the simple meanings of strange terms, I give you a glimpse of my own experiences.............