Free Without Pain
Unconditional Love

We are in contact with our inner nature throughout the day, that part of ourselves that we search for, the God within.  We fail to recognize the voice that cries out, in
the darkness of our own mind. We only see what surrounds our daily life, the physical reality of our existence .

I have come to realize that through my own physical feelings, whether it is a headache, a cold vibration or pressure as if someone was standing on my chest.  It is my
own inner nature talking to me, crying out for my love.  It is a language that we do not accept, because most people do not understand its meaning. We are trapped
in a society that embellishes doctors and prescriptions. A world of judgement, what is right or wrong.

Pushing aside unconditional love, a term that practically everyone professes to practice, except what are the parameters of unconditional?

To love and to accept yourself, whether you think you're short or tall, healthy or ill, forget about what society implicates  what beauty is, what health is, thick or thin,
what are diseases, what is right, what is wrong.  We create our own world, we fail to notice that through acknowledgement of our failures and pain, we create the
fears that attribute to the illnesses of the physical self.

It is a strange concept to go against everything we believe in to be true, and maybe  that possibly the world is not what it seems to be. We look outwardly, expecting
miracles, joy, happiness and salvation.   When everything we are looking for is in reach of our own self.  

Unconditional love is the lack of judgment in oneself and everything and everybody that surrounds us.  Acceptance of errors, accidents and pain.  Whether mental,
physical or emotionally disturbed. I have found that with acceptance and with the correlation of thought in conjunction with feelings, I had become aware of the voice
of the inner nature. I realized that acknowledgement is extremely important, for without verbal communication between the subtle mind and body there is no action of
the physical mind.  We can create what ever we want provided that we recognize and attribute the actions of the Self.  Verbal communication of the inner nature is
essential through Awareness of bodily feelings, whether it is only a minor tingle, vibration, sharp pain, or a rumble in the ear in relationship to thoughts at the moment.

In a sense we live in a system of belief, we have physical laws of nature, laws of the Government and society, and religious and moral laws.  They constitute a world
of belief, that determines our lives struggle appearing without flexibility confining the population in a world enclosed within a realm of control. Sadly, it is possible to
circumvent all of our so called beliefs, by just changing our way of thinking.  And as you forget what was accepted as true, even though the world remains the same,
you personally can create your own world, within your own choices.

I have met death and have felt the pain of loss.  I have also felt the pain of joy and love that abounds within our grasp by only showing that what is asked of us, As
simply as it may seem, but also very difficult to accomplish for you have to believe and trust yourself and most importantly love yourself..