If your looking for Happiness, Prosperity,
Health or Comfort.  Mentally, Physically
or Spiritually,  it is possible you may find
it through my words

Free Without Pain
Everyday is a new beginning with Joy and Bliss instilled by the magnitude of the greatness that we hold within ourselves, and to become Aware and to see the
Beauty that is present

My education comes from a Spiritual Guide, there are many names for this spirit, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit,  the Super Soul for me it is easier to say a latent energy  
that is a part of this world allowing me to go beyond lives experiences. Making it even greater than you could ever imagine

As a teenager I had an
after death experience shortly after my high school sweetheart died of leukemia.  Twenty seven years later, my wife died of breast
cancer.  During the following years, I slid into a spiral decline, saddened and depressed, I clung to life in a dreary world.   As the days crept by, I met a person
who loved me very much, but I could not accept her thoughts of what life was, and I left
Saddened by my departure, she sent me a  telepathic message of love.  A "
Shaktipat" , a spiritual blessing,  that put me on a path that very few modern day
individuals can ever imagine.  In the following years, I had a
"Kundalini experience" and a bout with "Cosmic Consciousness".   Through my experience of the
mind it allows me to see the world as it is, quite to the contrary of modern day thoughts and opinions
I offer you nothing but your own peace, everything thing is known.   There is an old saying "there is a treasure at your feet, all you have to do is bend down to find
As I reminisce of days gone by of what I dealt with and how it may answer your questions of your present day mind, you will find that the Treasure is in your hand
all ready
.  Even though I have written a book of my life, I am not trying to sell it.   I am only offering excerpts from it for it is possible that you may appreciate it and help
yourself to remember who you truly are.
                                                                                                                    Richard  Stanaszek
Whether you are interested in my story or curious of
my philosophy of Yoga, "Yoga without Form" which I
refer to frequently in the story of my life, which allowed
me to see peace on earth

For a small donation we can get together through the
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Alms Bowl. It becomes a form  of

The Path to Happiness
is not
Through  a Controlled Existence
but through the Acceptance
of Our Ideals
within the Realm of Peaceful Cohesion
of Our own Fears
If I could reach out and ask for death to be within and so
dear.   Pain has lost its fear and can be no more; a casual
embrace has marked my soul with eternity’s mark.   I have
met my hearts love, and I am a servant of it's needs.      
(Cosmic Consciousness)
The pain and the longing was a part of myself that
becomes a monster of necessity; as if it were an echo
that emanated from the subconscious without effort
I returned to a world of belonging.
I grew up as a Catholic, and it appeared to have no
bearing on the probability of spiritual existence,
other than the relinquishment of authority in a
practical sense.   My education did not even come
close to the reality of death beyond condemnation,
hell and punishment is a just reward for not knowing,
for what else is there.
 (After Death Experience)
If you are Quiet, can you hear the Silence?
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Free without Pain seems to be an interesting concept, but what does it really mean? To be free, but  “Free” of what ?

It is to be Free of our own physical mind, a mind that has bee manipulated and formatted by all that surrounds the physical life we know. How can that be?
Everything we know and do was impregnated by society and family within  the physical self that we call ourself.  A belief system of  right and wrong.  Whether it is
in guidelines of moral servitude with religious beliefs, or within society and the structured government of the country that we live in.

Even as you read this, you will question my words, is he a Doctor, lawyer, someone with a college background. You will discount everything I say, because I am
not famous, I have no titles.

Except we have the ability to be free, all we have to do is change the way we “Think.”  We judge every thing, especially ourselves. If we go with the concept that is
no right and wrong, the world is actually becomes a perfect place to live, if you stop judging it.

There is pain and misery, depression is on the rise within the population, and everybody is complaining about their health or weight. For the world is based on the
element of good and bad.

We look everywhere else to guide us and we fail see and hear our own inner nature, we believe only what is told to us through the various medias and
relationships that we have. They could be family, friends, or our Minister propagating the faith.

If you take my words without judgment, you will find that you can control the conflict of the mind.

Allowing  you to control your appetite, anger, depression, and any elements that may cause grief in your life.

It sounds like an easy concept, except it isn't. You can open up a door to a whole new world, so I place a
“WARNING.” My words are not for the faint at heart, for
they can allow ourselves to view the world in a whole new perspective.